At Solace we apply our unique and revolutionary product Occativity to measure footfall. This data can then be used by businesses in a multitude of ways to benefit and streamline their business.


To get started we visit your store and setup our custom device in a process that takes no longer than 10 minutes. After this short setup the device is ready to go immediately!

How It Works

Our device passively listens to the WiFi signals that customers mobile devices emit. This happens whenever a phone has its WiFi turned on, even if it isn’t connected to a network. By tracing these signals we can get an approximation of how many people are in the area.


All data collected is processed on the device in real time, meaning no sensitive data ever leaves the device. In addition to this any identifying data is deleted 1 hour after the customer was last seen. This is why we can say with certainty that our unique system is GDPR compliant.

Custom Report

We connect to the device to access the data and compile a report for you to use. This report clearly shows customer trends, peak times, and directly compares your stores performance to the outside footfall on the street.

Setup Cost of €
Monthly Plans Starting from €

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